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(no subject) [Sep. 9th, 2008|03:51 pm]
AIM Furs

Ochosionovevia :  Aim

Well i guess id like to get to know some people :) Little info on me, i love fursuits, Jeeps, umm.... the sea? want to know more just shoot me a message :)

id love to get to know some suiters in the California bay area also : )
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Aimness [Aug. 30th, 2008|04:04 pm]
AIM Furs
[mood |boredbored]

Whats up everyone. I just found this group and decided why not add a post I guess. Anyways I'm not online that much but when I am I'm usually up for chatting about stuff.

Here's my aim: mexican2020
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Hi hi!! ^^ [Aug. 16th, 2008|04:29 pm]
AIM Furs

I see this group doesnt get alot of action, but, here goes...


Aim: jacktanthalas

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Hello? [Apr. 2nd, 2008|09:57 pm]
AIM Furs
[mood |artistic]

I just noticed this board here for people on AIM and that it hadnt been updated for a while....

Anyway, my names Kuki and I would love to chat with other Furry aritsts and ask for their critiques ^-^
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Another Seemingly Dead Fur Community [Jan. 29th, 2008|12:11 pm]
AIM Furs

[mood |worriedworried]

*sighs* I come back from a hiatus away from LJ and find most of the fur communities I was a member of to be dead. And there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of new ones around, either. Is furry going into another remission?

If there is anyone here, I've still got my AIM, check my profile for it and the MSN IM If you like.
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New AIM Fur Here [Oct. 23rd, 2007|03:22 pm]
AIM Furs

[mood |amusedamused]

Actually I'm not new to AIM, I just have not had it in about oh 3 years. If you where every on AOL in the chatrooms and saw this s/n, Horseper9, running around then that is me. I just downloaded AIM 6 and I have a new AM handle. You can find me by the name XantheEquine. I'm nice enough to answer if I get messages. ^_^ Just tell me who you are and where you got my name from. 

See ya around.
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make new friends, meet people online for free chat [Oct. 2nd, 2007|10:11 pm]
AIM Furs
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Hmm...intro I guess [Sep. 6th, 2007|11:42 pm]
AIM Furs

I'm KiJay, more or less a tiger. Honestly, I'm usually online and fairly bored, so if anyone wants to talk, I'm up for it. aim: alittlebit2me
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interested in meeting other people to chat with on AIM [Aug. 18th, 2007|05:49 pm]
AIM Furs
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(no subject) [Aug. 12th, 2007|11:23 pm]
AIM Furs

Hi! My name is Ali and I'm an ALIgator!!! lol.  I am just looking for someone fun to chat with about things that I like (i.e. - swimming, wallowing around in marshes, eating, catching fish in my mouth, holding things in my strong jaws.)  I have really big green eyes which is ~*WeIrD*~ for alligators, since we usually have BROWN eyes and crocodiles are the ones that usually have green eyes!!  I'm not looking for a mate, I've already got one! lol!!!!  He is a peregrin falcon and he is very strong and likes to fly very high.  We yiff a lot, so that is NOT what I'm looking for lol! You can find my AIM screen name in my userinfo if you're interested!!
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